How to Watch KOCOWA with Roku


 Things to check before playing videos with Roku

  1. Make sure to download the KOCOWA channel on your Roku device
  2. Please sign in to your subscribed account


How to download the KOCOWA channel on your Roku device

  1. Open the link
  2. Log in to your Roku account that your Roku device holds
  3. Click "Add channel with a code" under Manage account
  4. Type "kocowa" in the Channel access code box
  5. Check the reCAPTCHA box and click the "Add channel" button
  6. Read the Warning message and click 'OK'
  7. Make sure it is the KOCOWA Roku app and click 'Yes, add channel'
  8. Start your Roku device and go to 'Settings → System → System update → Check now' to install the app right away
  9. Open the app in the Roku Home
  10. Click 'Log in' to sign up to your subscribed KOCOWA account – this is your email address you signed up to KOCOWA

If you cannot find KOCOWA Roku app in the 'Home,' you probably have logged in to a Roku account that does not belong to your Roku device. In order to check the email address that your Roku device holds, go to 'Settings → System → About' and check the 'Roku account' section.


Closed Captioning or Subtitles

If our Roku channel does not display subtitles for the first time, please follow the following directions:

  1. Start your Roku devices
  2. Go to 'Settings → System → Accessibility → Caption mode'
  3. Select 'On always'

Or you can also change the setting while watching a video:

  1. Play any video at KOCOWA channel
  2. Press the '*' button on your Roku remote controller
  3. Press either the right or left button on your Roku remote controller until you see 'On always'
  4. Press 'OK' on your Roku remote controller

If you have an issue showing subtitles, please follow the troubleshoot in the link: 


Sign in with Facebook Account

Our Roku channel don't have a sign-in feature with Facebook yet, but there is a temporary workaround for this issue.

  1. Try to reset the password of your KOCOWA account. You can follow the link to reset the password in the sign-in page:
  2. Once you acquire a new password, try to sign in with your email address and the new password on the Roku channel

Once again, please accept my sincere apology for our Roku channel. It is still in beta, and our development team is currently working on improving the channel.


 If you still have any questions, Contact us.