I lost password!


Forgotten Password

You lost or forgot your password to sign in? Don’t worry. Here is a way to reset your password using the email address you signed up KOCOWA with.

  1. Go to the KOCOWA website and click ‘SIGN IN‘ on the top right of the website.

  2. In the ‘SIGN IN’ page, click ‘Forgot password’

  3. Type in your KOCOWA ID — in this case, it will be your email address — and click the ‘Reset Password’ button

  4. If you typed in your registered KOCOWA ID, you should have received an email ‘KOCOWA Password Reset’ from us. If you didn’t, you’ve probably typed in a wrong or unregistered email or it might be in your spam folder. Once you find the email, click ‘Reset Password’.

  5. Type in a new password you want to use and confirm it once again. Once you decided your new password, click ‘Set New Password’.

  6. Done!! Now, try to sign in. Your new password should work!

Try not to lose it this time! :)


Changing the password in the website after signing

There is also a way to change your password when you are signed in.

  1. Once you are singed in to the KOCOWA website, move your mouse cursor to the arrow next to your name and click ‘Your Account’

  2. Click ‘Change Password’

  3. Fill in the blank text boxes and click ‘Change Password’ — Your new password must contain both alphabets and at least 1 number

There you go! You’ve got a new password!


If you still have any questions, Contact us.