How Can I Cancel My Subscription?


Purchase Types

Please select the market store you purchase your KOCOWA subscription.


Web Purchase

You can cancel your subscription anytime you want. However, ways to do so might vary depending on the device you used to subscribe to our service. If you subscribed to our service on a computer, please follow the direction in the following:

  1. Sign in to your account using a web browser, such as Chrome and Firefox
  2. Go to ‘My Account’ using the menu right next to your name

  3. Go to ‘Payment’

  4. Click on ‘Cancel Plan’ in the ‘My Subscription’ section

  5. Click one of the checkboxes to tell us why you want to cancel the subscription and click 'Continue to Cancel'

  6. Click 'Cancel Plan'

  7. If a message prompts, your subscription is successfully cancelled


In-App Purchase

Can’t find ‘Cancel Subscription’ in the ‘Your Subscription’ section? Don’t worry. You’ve probably subscribed to our service through the app, then.

Here are references you can follow to unsubscribe to our service at the following based on the device you've subscribed to our service with:





Verizon +play: 


Additionally, we want you to know that even if you unsubscribe to our service, you will still be able to access access our premium videos by the end of your billing cycle. Let say that you started your monthly subscription on November 14th 2022, you will be able to use our service until December 13th 2022, despite the cancellation you made. Take advantage of this!


If you still have any questions, Contact us.