I don't see subtitles


If you don't see subtitles, the first thing you need to do is to check if the closed captioning option is set to ‘your language.’

You can find the option at the right-bottom of KOCOWA video player.




If our Roku channel does not display subtitles, please follow the following directions:

  1. Start your Roku devices
  2. Go to 'Settings → System → Accessibility → Caption mode'
  3. Select 'On always'

Or you can also change the setting while watching a video:

  1. Play any video at KOCOWA channel
  2. Press the '*' button on your Roku remote controller
  3. Press either the right or left button on your Roku remote controller until you see 'On always'
  4. Press 'OK' on your Roku remote controller


Despite the best efforts to translate our contents as soon as possible, translating videos can only be done by dedicated translators, not translating tools, and we have limited human resources to sub daily-uploaded videos and old contents at the same time.If this is not the case, please check when the video you are trying to watch was aired.

Our ideal goal  is to translate a video within 12 hours for drams and 24 hours for variety shows after the video is aired, but there still might be various factors which cause delays on the work.

If you think subtitles for a certain video are suspiciously late, please contact us with details of which series and episode you were trying to watch.


If you still have any questions, Contact us.