First, please check out the article explaining how to adjust the appearance of subtitles:

How do I adjust the appearance of subtitles?


If adjusting the appearance did not address your issue, here is what you can do.

Since our closed captioning option delivers subtitles as text, scaling the size of text, apps and other items might change the size of subtitles in the KOCOWA video player.

Please try this out in the following:

  1. In the background of Windows, right-click the background and click ‘Display settings’

  2. If the ‘Change the size of text, apps, and other items’ section is set to higher than 100%, the subtitles displayed in the video will most likely be bigger than what it supposed to be. What you can do is to change the setting to 100% when watching videos on KOCOWA.


If it is too much to change the setting every time watching KOCOWA videos, you might try to watch them with MS Edge. MS Edge adjusts the size of subtitles even through the scaling option is set to higher than 100%. Please try out with MS Edge for the issue.


If you still have questions, Contact us.

April 3, 2018    03. Troubleshooting  
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