A lot of newcomers have mentioned this issue, so I would like to calm the confusion.

It is true, first of all, the username you try to sign up with might have already been taken by others.

However, if you get the message “Your username already exists” no matter what you type in, you should read this article carefully.

Here is the detailed reason why you are keep getting the same error message over and over:

  1. After filling up the info and clicking “Sign up with KOCOWA,” you get this message below:

  2. Once you press ‘OKAY,’ you are supposed to check your email and follow the procedure in the email we sent you
  3. If pressing “Sign up with KOCOWA” again without checking your email, however, you get “Your username already exists” because your email address is already in our database.

In order to avoid this issue, so please check your confirmation email we sent you and follow the direction to verify your email.

Don’t forget to check your spam folder as well.



If you still have questions, Contact us.

December 6, 2017    03. Troubleshooting  
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